Legitimate Work from Home Problems

The Top 5 Worst Aspects of Working from Home


5. Motivation

It can be quite difficult to motivate yourself to be productive when you work from home. There are no supervisors breathing down your neck, just you and your own determination, which can be hard to muster up from time to time.

4. Procrastination

Not only is procrastination my middle name, but it’s also a huge problem for me in my work from home projects. I put my important tasks off so that I can do the ones I enjoy. Then I put them off a bit more. And those tasks that I really don’t want to do? They never get done.

3. Distraction

I have two weird little dogs and a fiancé that provide plenty of distractions for me during my “work” day. There are times that I welcome the distractions, but there are others when they can be extremely frustrating. From movies playing on our bedroom television to the maintenance man knocking on our door, working from home means you will never be free from all outside interferences.

2. Less Respect for your Designated Work Time

This is a HUGE one for me, as even when I tell my family that I’m working, I still receive phone calls, texts, emails, etc. When I worked for someone else, they knew not to contact me. However, working from home seems to make them think that I’m available all the time.

1. Pay Cut

I make a lot less money working from home than I did at my traditional jobs. For me, I still prefer to work from home as it gives me a sense of independence, and allows me to control my anxiety in ways that I could not when I worked for someone else.


For me, there are still a ton of positive aspects that outweigh the negatives mentioned above, but if you’re thinking of getting into a work from home situation, it wouldn’t hurt to keep this list in mind.

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