The Way to His Heart

me and jason

This is my fiancé, Jason. We’ve been together for about four years now. We get excited to watch television series on Netflix or Hulu, and we enjoy playing with our two small dogs in our extremely modest one bedroom apartment in Dallas, Texas.

It’s been clear for quite some time that the way to Jason’s heart isn’t through his penis, which is weird for me, because that’s been the way to EVERY man’s heart that I’ve been with prior to meeting him. He’s taken me out of my comfort zone where blow jobs are the best way to end fights, and I’ve actually had to learn how to be an adult in a relationship.

The way to Jason’s heart is through bacon. And xbox and professional wrestling and being as normal a couple as we can be. And I’m finally okay with that.

There’s a point in life when I think we all start to evolve into our true selves. The things we once thought would make us happy, the things we thought we needed no longer pull at us in the way that they once did, and we become who we are truly meant to be.


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