Bad Dreams.

I went to bed early last night like the old woman of 35 that I am. I dreamt of my old job again, and of pleading with my boss to let me come back. Clearly I have unresolved issues because I have this dream rather frequently.

I quit my job two months ago or so, and I’ve been a wreck ever since. I struggle to find ways to make money, but I am spurred on by the hope that I can do something for myself that truly fulfills me.

This morning, upon waking up, I checked my site to see that I SOLD A BOOK. It’s a coloring book for adults that I created in a rather barbaric way, using MS Word and my brain’s expansive index of bad words. I sold one copy and I am on top of the world.

I choose to see my meager $1.07 royalty as a sign that I am finally on the right path in life. I choose to view that one sale as affirmation that sometimes it’s okay to step out onto the metaphorical ledge in life and see what happens.

In spite of all these bad dreams and all of the mistakes I’ve made that still follow me around, today I am hopeful for something better.



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